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Short film

The Alps – A cinematic experience

A short film with an epic cinematic soundtrack by Alberto Bressan

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The mountain. Place of adventure and magic, an ancient spectator of life on Earth.
Narrating it through images means drawing colours, sounds and emotions to the screen.
“The Alps” is a cinematic project that combines Giovanni Malausa’s photography with Alberto Bressan’s music.
As a sequence of wide shots, aerials, and textures shifts into a gaze of the wildlife that populates this peculiar environment, a range of gear and skills proves fundamental to collecting these fleeting moments. Meanwhile, the evolution of the soundtrack stands as the symbol of the emotions that the mountains evoke, sometimes contrasting, sometimes riveting, like in the finale.
Ultimately, the mountain only offers the spark: it is up to us to tell its story.

Credit: original soundtrack composed by Alberto Bressan.

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