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Priority is service designed to help in those scenarios where the unexpected is always around the corner. In hospitals, patients have the widest range of needs and medical staff is constantly rushing from one room to another trying to address all requests.

While human interactions between patients and personnel remain a fundamental aspect of healthcare in hospitals, Priority’s ease of use and automations are able to streamline the service, also providing the users with new information and entertainment options.

This video scenario is designed to describe the functionality of the product while maintaining a particular focus on the human side. Hospitalisation can be a very emotional experience, thus the stories that Priority intersects in the video are meant to reflect the variety of conditions and moods that patients go through.

Video scenario

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Priority is a service designed with Andrea Di Lenardo, Silvia Emuli, Emilia Galli, Selene Garresio, Eleonora Gasparino, Marta Grauso, Chiara Laudonia, Chiara Mele, Emanuela Ruggeri.