Stelo Air is a modular system that provides clean air for classrooms with minimal electricity usage.

A flexible system based on 3 types of modules.
Stelo Air fan module (front)
Fan module
Plant module
Closing module

A solution for needs of any size.

Stelo Air can adapt to each environment necessities, thanks to its modular configuration with a variable number of Plant modules.

Efficiently cleans the air of an average-sized classroom in 20 minutes.

Uses less electricity than standard air purifiers, using natural, removable filters.

As safe as you can be.
For kids.

Stelo Air is designed with safety in mind, making moving parts inaccessible and placing safety locks on all detachable components. With minimal hazards, it’s made for classrooms.

Stelo Air fan model

The best result with minimal effort.

Stelo Air constantly samples the air quality of the room and adjusts its operation mode accordingly. When the air quality is good enough, the fan speed lowers to maintain that result. And when there’s no one in the room, stand-by kicks in.

With two plants per module, Stelo Air maximises air

Each plant module can contain and support up to two plants, depending on their size.

Easily swappable pots.

Each plant module can contain and support up to two plants, depending on their size.

Quick and easy water refilling, with automatic irrigation.

Smart connections between modules.

Water and air flow seamlessly from one module to the next, with invisible connections and a minimal look.

It doesn’t take much.
Just what it needs.

The rail fixing system allows Stelo Air to be installed adherent to the wall, minimising its protrusion. It’s safer and leaves you all the space you need for class activity.

Always know what’s going on, with the dashboard.

Stelo Air is equipped with smart sensors and connectivity features. You can always monitor the water level, filter health status and energy consumption, even when you’re not in the room.

Other features

Hassle-free and self-sufficient.

The system uses a drip irrigation system that automatically waters the plants, so school staff don’t need to mind the system beyond filling the water tank more or less every two weeks .

Support is always close at hand.

In case something goes wrong, Stelo support is always easily accessible. We direct all requests to our local maintenance teams ready to intervene and provide you the assistance you need.

Nothing goes to waste.

When you get new filters, you can use the same box to ship the old ones back to us, so we can recycle and replace them.

Smart about maintenance.

Stelo Air knows what it needs and lets you know with smart notifications. Maintenance has never been so easy.

100% bio-based plastic

Stelo Air is made of a compostable plastic produced from fermentable sugar. It’s great for our planet and looks beautiful.

Eco conscious

PLA requires 65% less energy to produce than traditional, petroleum-based plastics and emits 68% fewer greenhouse gases.


PLA is a good material both for injection molding and for 3D printing, making it easy to manufacture modules with.

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